Mid-Week LinkFest

Microsoft Under Balmer
Microsoft Under Steve Balmer (C) WSJ
  • Wealth Fund Cautions Against Costs Exacted by High-Speed Trading (DealBook)

Norway’s sovereign fund doesn’t think the HFT offers any tangible benefits.

200-500 good books equal one mentor.

Don’t think of using Google Now to dictate that text for you while you are driving.

  • The 50 Greatest Breakthroughs Since the Wheel (The Atlantic)

Some you’d expect. Some you wouldn’t.

  • The Best and Brightest are Turning Away From Wall Street (CNBC)

Finance is no longer the calling for the brightest MBA’s.

One way is to just cook more.

  • Manage Fatigue in a Nonstop World With a Nap (DealBook)

A nap in the afternoon boosts focus.

How many more reasons do you need to not buy individual securities?

  • The Luck Factor in Great Decisions (HBR)

Do not underestimate the role of luck.

How America Works
How America Works (The Burning Platform Blog)
  • Arguments for Trusting the Data (NY Times)

Why trusting data is hard and what to do about it.

  • Dismiss Diversification at Your Own Risk (NY Times)

When we diversify, we’re also setting up guardrails to help us make smart, disciplined decisions.

  • Bitcoin Hits $700 During Surprisingly Friendly Senate Hearing On The Virtual Currency (The Verge)

The virtual currency has appreciated given the interest shown by the US Government.

The planning fallacy and as it applies to finance and investing.

  • Winning The Price Is Right (Slate)

Using game theory to win the game!