Mid-Week LinkFest

Wealth Fund Cautions Against Costs Exacted by High-Speed Trading (DealBook) Norway’s sovereign fund doesn’t think the HFT offers any tangible benefits. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Reinventing Yourself (James Altucher) 200-500 good books equal one mentor. Hands-Free Texting Is No Safer to Use While Driving (Scientific American) Don’t think of using Google Now to dictate… Read More »

Peter Drucker on Knowledge and Ignorance

…discover where your intellectual arrogance is causing disabling ignorance and overcome it. Far too many people — especially people with great expertise in one area — are contemptuous of knowledge in other areas or believe that being bright is a substitute for knowledge. First-rate engineers, for instance, tend to take pride in not knowing anything… Read More »

A Few Lessons from The Black Swan

  As promised, here is the next in the series of me reviewing Taleb’s books. This was my third reading of the book and one that took me a lot longer to get through. Also to be honest, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed his first book Fooled By Randomness. Even then,… Read More »

Midweek Linkfest

It is Wednesday. Here is what I am reading. Also, check out my new Facebook page. No Stores? No Salesmen? No Profit? No Problem for Amazon. (Technology Review) Amazon’s investment in technology is shaping the entire retail industry and setting new standards. Ray Dalio: You’re not going to produce alpha, so focus on balancing…and meditation (MarketWatch)… Read More »

How Mistakes Propagate – The Swiss Cheese Model

The last half century represents some of the greatest technological advancements and engineering triumphs. One quick way to judge our achievements is to notice how everything around us has become largely immune to single points of failure. Things don’t fail as often as they used to just a few decades ago – our cars last… Read More »

Weekend Linkfest

It’s Saturday. Here is what I am reading: Personal Finance for (Twitter) Engineers. (Business Insider) Great presentation by Adam Nash that was given to engineers at Twitter. Can Legos Ever be an Investment? (Monevator) People are making money with investing in Legos. An Interview With Michael Mauboussin Author The Success Equation: Untangling Skill And Luck In… Read More »